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Nicole Hatt

School mentor

How do you succeed ? What method ? What about confidence and self esteem ?

Honestly ? I don’t have the answers. There is no magic wand. You wouldn’t be reading this if there was, would you ? We’ve all been puzzled by our kids difficulties to manage a project our some homework.

We know she/he is fully able to do it. But she/he doesn’t find the ressources to achieve. It can be very difficult for a parent to understand where the trouble is. Often it’s not only academic.

I’ve been born with a natural positiv attitude. I’ve always loved to leave my comfort zone, assessing and appreciating the risk.

That might be one of the reasons i’ve successfully enjoyed various professions. Travel agent, product manager, training manager, sales manager, import company owner, real estate project manager, entrepreneurs association manager. My recent diplomas : Diploma of Advanced Studies in Digital Communication, Social Media Manager School Certificate, Project Management Associate.

I’ve always loved to teach. It used so far to be a benevolent or a side activity. My natural instinct to help my students find out how to learn, what methods to implement is a huge satisfaction that i’ve decided to share professionnally thanks to Success Story.

Communicating my answers, putting my strengths and competencies to the children and teenagers with whom I work with is my commitment and passion.

My itinerary : the path to success. Deal !