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We help your kids write their Success Story
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School-aligned curriculum

  • One-of-a-kind holistic support : academic, strategic and emotional
  • Success Story provides live or online private sessions
  • 15, 30 or 60 min sessions (to align with attention availability)


Parents, teachers, therapists and Success Story work hand in hand to foster a safety net around your kid.

Our concept

  • Assess a trustworthy relationship with your kid

  • Identify their learning strategies

  • Cultivate the most effective techniques and problem solving strategies

  • Implement a personal learning experience

  • Organize a customized and adaptive learning plan

  • Divide lesson in small and precise chunks of work, including games

  • Daily check-in

  • Play and have fun !

  • Regular report with parents


One-to-one distance learning (Zoom or Skype) or live learning

Follow-up through online platform or student’s own favorite app


All baby mammals learn by playing since it implies inherent motivation. And this is exactly what we encourage in our learning programs and why we include it in our teaching.